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To reveal more on particular treatment methods, please click on the links provided! Please note that all prices also require additional HST taxes paid upon delivery of service fee.

Reiki Hands-on-Healing


For a single 60-90 minute session experience, the client will escape to a relaxing low lit environment with meditative Reiki music to enhance the healing. Sessions include aura brushing, Byosen scanning or chakra crystal dowsing to detect problematic energetic areas and blockages. "Laying on of hands" heals energy flow and completes the treatment in working at each chakra point.

Reiki Hands-on-Healing, Crystal Work & Aura Clearing

THREE SESSION REIKI TREATMENT $240.00 - 60 minutes (save $5 per session)

THREE SESSION REIKI TREATMENT $315.00 - 90 minutes (save $5 per session)


These consecutive 60-90 minute sessions include all of the above, however, with more frequent contact with the client, more complex techniques can be applied such as aura and blockage clearing or psychic surgery. Crystal work and grids are also options with more advanced forms of energetic treatment and therapy.

Combo: Reiki Hands-on-Healing & Restorative Exercise

3 REIKI & RESTORATIVE EXERCISE: $315.00 - 90 mins only

(with Amy J Gallant Only)


This amazing combo works on all levels of a body both physically and energetically. Alternating sessions of relaxing Reiki treatments with prescribed holistic exercise will allow the body to realign on both energetic and physical levels. This promotes healing with many elements of the individual's physical body and energetic bodies.

Reiki Distance Healing



Ki (or chi) knows no boundaries when it comes to healing. If you are not in the presence of the practitioner, Reiki can heal you anywhere in the world. Channelled distance healing is a regular practice which has virtually the exact same benefit at the in-person laying on of hands. Time for healing sessions will be previously established before engaging to be sure the client is in a relaxed and receptive state.

Holistic Nutrition & BioFeedBack Scan

SINGLE SESSION CONSULTATION $150.00 * - 60 minutes

(with Amy J Gallant only)


Learn to eat to enhance your mind, body and spirit. The foods you choose today can provide the health and healing you seek tomorrow! Analyze your physical well-being with our BioFeedBack Scan. With over 30+ body systems analyzed each scan, you will obtain a comprehensive report of your current health profile as well as guidance to help you enhance your current state of well-being. BioFeedBack results along with nutrition, in combination, can help us grow and flourish when learning to overcome obstacles which may be impeding your sense of well-being and healing.

*Meal Plan and Vitamin/Mineral/Supplementation guidance is extra depending on client demands. Please consult with your Practitioner for more info.



"Reiki is a wonderful blessing. It's given balance to life. Everyone should experience Reiki."

- Anonymous

"I was suffering from repetitive strain and pain issues in neck and shoulder areas as well as digestive issues. My Reiki sessions proved to be very therapeutic.  I was amazed at the results.  At first, the feelings were of total relaxation-so much so that I actually slept during sessions!!  I definitely experienced a sense of healing, especially in my stomach and neck areas...which were the focus of my Reiki Master.  I felt an immense sense peace and calmness.  I will continue to use Reiki as part of my healthy living regime and recommend it highly!"

- Maureen Clare

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