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Reiki Methods Explained


Practitioners use a variety of methods during healing sessions specific to the client's needs. These methods vary in different Reiki practices and are also vast. The descriptions held here are to explain brief way some of the outlined terms and elements used in Reiki treatments...

Crystals & GridsI'm a title

Crystal stones have a variety of uses in the Reiki community. Crystals can be placed on the body in specific areas for healing blockages and/or improving chi flow in the body. Crystals can also be set up in a grid and charged with chi to send Reiki to a specific person, place, event in the world. Furthermore, crystals can also be charged with Reiki and worn on or near the body to offer the client further healing even outside of a healing session. The colors and varities of crystals and stones found for Reiki use also all have varied meanings and intentions for usage.

Aura Brushing and Aura ClearingI'm another title

Our energy field or aura is said to contain 7 layers, each containing an aspect of our being, surrounding us in an energetic field. The aura is our first energetic contact with other people or the environment. Our energy fields interact with those of others and picks up on surrounding vibrations.  Quite often, any heavy or dark energy, shows up in the aura first. At the same time, any imbalance within the body, emotions, mind/thoughts, spirit, life energy/chi/ki, will show up in the aura. For this reason we need to cleanse or energetically "get rid of" these lower energies causing unbalance in us. A Practitioner can brush or indepthly remove blockages in a way that cleanses these areas of concern for health and well-being.

Byosen Scanning & Crystal DowsingI'm another title

Byosen scanning is like an assessment method whereby the Practitioner uses his/her hands over specific chakra points in the body to detect flow disruption, chi blockages or areas of concern for healing. Likewise, a hanging crystal pendulum can also detect these same anomalies in a person's energy field, allowing the Practitioner more accurate insight into the progression of the person's healing session for areas of focus.

Habit & Addiction Reiki TreatmentI'm another title

Reiki can also be used in ways to help treat human addiction and habits. Chi is provided in a way to help improve focus and strength and release mental attachments to the individual's addictive focus. The Practitioner works with the client to provide healing and guidance to release the needs and cravings created by addictions. In breaking the habit, the individual is able to surrender to a deeper level of healing within and for themselves. Reiki helps you de-stress your body, mind and spirit. You feel centered, in control and full of energy all day long. You are able to deal with the challenges and demands of life more effectively. You start focusing on the important goals of your life. When you focus on health, on energetic growth, on your job and responsibilities you naturally have less and less time for addictions.


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